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Service and Engineering

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  The company relies on the rich human resources in Sichuan Province and support the relevant departments, enterprises, the labor service assigned abroad has a very good performance and reputation, is the Sichuan Province labor export leading enterprises. The company is Chinese Contractors Association member companies and China Sino Japan trainee cooperation organization member unit. And China International Contractors Association rated as AAA grade credit enterprise of foreign labor service cooperation.
  After many years of development, the company has with Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania more than 20 countries and regions have established business relations of cooperation, has been formed or sporadic dispatched in the sales staff, cooks, waiters, peasants and workers, clerical, medical personnel and of each type of technical workers, thousands of people, and has forwarders the implementation of the highway construction, residential construction and equipment installation of a number of foreign engineering project. At present, the company with Japan, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Macao, Russia, Germany, Sweden, South Korea and other countries and regions have long-term and stable labor dispatch agreement, each year hundreds of people overseas labor service personnel. The company after years of operation, always adhere to the business principle of quality first, honest and trustworthy, common development, in the selection of labor, personnel training, risk control, emergency treatment and has accumulated rich experience, and has formed a set of perfect management system, the selection of dispatched labor service personnel received employers praise.
  Overseas labor required:
  Q: how to get overseas labor information?
  Answer: the labor service personnel to recruit foreign labor service personnel can get all kinds of information from the television, radio, newspapers, Internet and other media, can also from overseas labor service company or the following delegate for grass-roots units recommended organize labor personnel office (including the employment of overseas labor service company at school) to obtain information.
  Q: how to choose the overseas company?
  Answer: should check whether the recruitment of personnel overseas labor service company with the Ministry of Commerce (formerly "MOFTEC") approved "operation qualification certificate of foreign labor cooperation", to avoid to be deceived, labor service personnel to the local government's Department of Commerce (bureau) from the Office (telephone number can be from 114 local search get).
  Q: should understand what the situation before the registration?
  Answer: before signing up, labor service personnel should focus on understanding the following conditions:
  One, to the countries and regions, the overseas labor service companies and foreign employer's name;
  Two, the scope of work, work period, there is no probation period, monthly or weekly work days, the daily working time, international travel payment etc..
  Three, the remuneration: including monthly basic wages, overtime and holiday overtime pay, wages and overtime, accommodation, other benefits, work injury medical insurance etc..
  Q: the need to pay for the cost of which before going abroad?
  Answer: before going abroad, they need to burden the labor service personnel:
  A physical examination, physical examination fee: can be carried out by the labor personnel themselves to go abroad and Quarantine Bureau, also can be unified by the overseas labor service organization. According to the actual cost of the hospital charge payment, about 400 yuan.
  Two, passport fee: for in the exit administration office of the location of the Public Security Bureau exit, the cost of 200 yuan.
  Three, study abroad fee, overseas labor service company service fee (according to different program is subject to change)
  The service fee is the overseas labor service companies overseas labor service providing organization and management expenses incurred for labor service personnel.
  Q: exit procedures include those? How to handle?
  Answer: go abroad formalities including internal procedures and external procedures.
  A, domestic procedures including passport, visa, exit certificate, these procedures generally uniform handling of overseas labor service company. For these procedures need to labor service personnel to provide materials include: booklet, identity cards, academic certificates, photos and so on;
  Two, entry permits, work permits and so on, by a foreign employer responsible.
  Three, do these procedures, service personnel can go abroad to work.
  For overseas labor service company or foreign employers can not be the reason of contract workers sent out, the overseas labor service company to refund the labor service personnel to pay the service charge, but he had spent a passport, physical examination and other actual expenses incurred by themselves. Such as personnel for personal reasons, all fees and service charges, it will be forfeited.
  Q: in a foreign work should pay attention to what the problem?
  Answer: 1 abroad and not everywhere is gold, must be rewarded by their hard work and dedication to. 2 abroad during the work, labor service personnel must strictly carry out the contract, abide by local laws and regulations, respect the local people's living habits. The problems encountered during the 3 working abroad, not to take drastic actions, but can not have any illegal acts. 4 labor service personnel are citizens of the people's Republic of workers abroad, in the period, the country can protect the legitimate rights and interests of the labor service personnel; but if the labor service personnel through formal channels to go abroad to work, or in the overseas labor service personnel illegal crime, it is difficult to get the protection of the rights and interests of.