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International Engineering Department

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International Engineering Department

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  The international engineering department is one of the earliest departments of our company. It is mainly engaged in international project  contracting and labor dispatching. In the aspect of international project contracting, we have successively undertaken water supply and drainage, house building and communication projects in East Africa, Pakistan and Middle East. In the aspect of labor dispatching, we have dispatched over 1,000 technicians, workers (electronic, machinery, construction), chefs, waiters, moulder, CAD designer, electroplater, furniture manufacturing worker, painter, glass processing worker, accountanter, secretaries, translators (English and Japanese) and tailors to Singapore, Germany, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Japan and Jordan.
  In recent years, we have dispatched various professional talents to state enterprises such as Dubai International Airport Duty Free Store, Dubai Metro, etc. and various professional sales personnel and waiters to famous luxury stores and five-star hotels in Dubai, UAE. With rich chef dispatching experience, we have been dispatching Chinese cuisine chefs to Germany and have expanded the markets in Sweden and Finland. Welcome new and old customers to contact us for consultation and cooperation.
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  UAE—Full Name: The United Arab Emirates
  It is in the east of the Arabian Peninsula and on the south bank of the Persian Gulf.
  It consists of seven emirates (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Qiwain, Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah).
  The local people account for one third of the total 4-million population, and foreigners account for two thirds, which is a solid foundation for local development.
  As an oil-rich country, its per capita average annual GNP exceeds USD 20,000.
  UAE is the traditional nonaligned country, politically neutral, far away from the instable regions, thus peaceful.
  UAE is a safe place with almost no theft.
  The U.S. dollar is in common use. The currency is freely convertible and can be carried to other countries freely without limitation.
  The benefit of the workers in UAE can be guaranteed effectively owing to the perfect labor security system.