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Foreign trade

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Foreign trade

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  Import & Export Department I
  It is mainly engaged in self-managed import and export as well as agency business with annual import and export value of more than USD 10 million. The main products including hardware, general merchandise, equipment complex, small electromechanical devices, agricultural equipment, chemical products, biological products, medicine, industrial parts and auto parts are exported to Europe, North America, South America, Japan, Southeast Asia, etc.
  It offers all kinds of export documents, and helps customers to transact export entry, receive and balance remittance, and handle drawback procedure. We will serve you sincerely to make you satisfied.
  Import & Export Department II
  It is mainly engaged in import and export of machinery products, chemical products, hardware tools, electronic products, complete equipment, etc.
  In the aspect of export, the machinery products are in the first place. It is mainly engaged in agricultural machinery. By virtue of the rich experience in business development, the products in more fields such as welding equipment, vehicle, engineering machinery and so on are exported. In addition, the volume of the traditional agent export products including chemical products, hardware tools, electronic products, security products and so on grows year by year.
  In the aspect of import, especially the import of complete equipment, it cooperates with large enterprises such as Sichuan Lianxiang Printing Co., Ltd., Sichuan Newspaper Group, Chengdu Baosteel and introduces production equipment for them successfully, thereby winning a good reputation in the industry. Meanwhile, it pays equal attention to import projects with small amount such as import of automobile parts and chemical products.
  We strive to provide customers with the most enthusiastic and professional service.
  Import & Export Department IV
  It is mainly engaged in oil and foodstuff, animal by-products and local specialties. Currently it is mainly engaged in frozen pork cut for Hong Kong, Russia and East Europe. The main products are frozen pork byproducts such as frozen pork collar (I), frozen pork fore leg (II), frozen pork loin (III), frozen pork hind leg (IV), large intestine head, etc. Meanwhile, its business scope includes import and export of machinery, hardware, auto parts and textile. Our company has won good praise of customers owing to the fast and good service. Welcome new and old customers to make common development. Thanks for your patronage.