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Cooperation between the Department of labor

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Cooperation between the Department of labor

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  By virtue of the rich human resources in Sichuan and the great support of the related departments and enterprises, our company has achieved good performance and enjoyed a high reputation in the aspect of labor dispatching. Currently, our company is a member of Sino-Japan Trainee Cooperation Organization in Sichuan and is the only company that dispatches chefs to Germany. In January 2009, our company was awarded AAA-level Credit Enterprise in Foreign Labor Cooperation by CHINCA.
  Through the Labor Cooperation Department’s years of efforts, thousands of workers (trainees) in machining, electronic engineering, construction, furniture manufacturing and Chinese cuisine chef have been dispatched to Japan, South Korea, Germany, Middle East and Southeast Asia. Particularly, more than 3,000 technical trainees have been dispatched to Japan and worked in the aspects of mechanical manufacturing, assembly, manufacturing of electrical equipment, manufacturing of printed circuit board, assembly of home appliances, automobile repair, precious metal processing, plastic molding, electroplating, casting, textile, garment sewing, food processing (bread manufacturing, manufacturing of can, ham and sausage, aquatic products processing, etc.), offset printing, binding, construction (woodworking, coating), welding, agriculture, forestry, etc.