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Deliberation Department

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Deliberation Department

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  We have dispatched many chefs to Germany, Holland, Singapore, South Korea, etc.,  and maintenance technicians have been dispatched to Singapore Airlines, coupled with bus drivers, receptionists of starred hotels and restaurant waiters.
  It has accumulated rich experience in dispatching chefs to Germany. By virtue of the advantages such as the developed catering industry in Sichuan, rich reserve chef resource, etc., it has set up the strict qualification examination system for dispatched chefs, and constantly strengthens and improves the selection of dispatched chefs. In strict accordance with the regulation of the Chinese side and the German  side the qualified chefs that can meet the needs of employers of the Chinese restaurants in Germany are selected. Meanwhile, during the work period in Germany, it keeps close contact with chefs and the Chinese restaurants in Germany to get to know the working and living conditions of chefs in Germany, thereby  ensuring the quality of chefs dispatched to Germany.
  We are willing to cooperate with new and old customers at home and abroad in labor dispatching based on the wide relation with foreign clients, agencies and provincial labor organizations. Welcome to contact with us for business negotiation.
  ※ Deliberation Department • German Chef Introduction
  ※ The full name of Germany is German Federal Republic. It is located in middle Europe with a population of 82.36 million and an area of 357,020 square kilometers. With temperate climate, Germany consists of 16 states. Its capital is Berlin. As a highly developed industrial country and economic magnate in Europe, it takes the third position in economic strength in the world.
  ※ The Chinese catering industry has been developing rapidly in recent years. There are about 10,000 Chinese restaurants in Germany with the an annual demand of more than 1,000 chefs.
  ※ Requirements
  ※ Male, Age 25-35, intermediate chef certificate or above, at least two years of work experience as a chef, more than two years of studying experience in formal cooking schools or vocational and technical schools, with diploma, good eyesight, good health, comprehensive technical skills, hardworking, strong ability of accepting new things, good character, no criminal record.
  ※ Working Condition
  ※ Contract Period: 4 years
  ※ Working Place: The Chinese Restaurants in Germany
  ※ Working Hours: Work for six days every week, the working time depends on the specific business hours of the restaurant. After working for one year, you are entitled to 14-21 days of paid vacation each year, which will be arranged by the restaurant according to the business condition.
  ※ Job Content: All kitchen work such as stir-frying, frying-pan, cutting, preparation, dishwashing, cleaning, etc.
  ※ Basic Working Treatment
  ※ 1. The net monthly salary for the first year is EUR 1400-1,500 (overtime payment is available). The monthly salary generally increases EUR 100 every year according to the performance of the chef and the benefit of the restaurant from the second year.
  ※ 2. The employer will pay expenses for accommodation, food, insurance, tax, residence and work permit during the working period in Germany.
  ※ Expenses for Going Abroad: It is collected according to the national specified standard.